Spicer Vision


Software Houses 

Spicers have formed key business relationships with the software houses that supply our Dealers’ business systems to ensure full integration is achieved between both parties. This is extremely beneficial to Dealers when requiring support, new developments or if they simply need to review the systems that are available in the market place. Details can be found via the links below.

Additionally we will work with other bespoke systems such as SAP Business 1 to ensure your system can fully integrate with Spicers. For further information please do not hesitate to contact Gary Fletcher, Ecommerce IT Manager on 07789 747347 or email gary.fletcher@spicers.co.uk.
AxisFirst: http://www.axisfirst.co.uk 
Bluesky: http://www.blueskysoft.co.uk
Calidore Computer Systems: http://www.calidore.co.uk
ECI Europe: http://www.eci.eu
Heart Systems: http://www.heartsystems.co.uk

Multisys Business Systems: http://www.multisys.co.uk

Oasis Solutions: http://www.oasissolutions.co.uk
Prima Software: http://www.primasoft.co.uk
Rowan Associates: http://www.rowanassociates.co.uk/

Unique Computer Solutions: http://www.uniquenet.co.uk      

Support Solutions: http://www.supportsolutions.ie