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Spicers' online and offline marketing solutions lead the way in effective promotional marketing for resellers in the UK.

Among our industry leading publications are:

  • The Big Book - The Spicers Catalogue is the industry's biggest and best - containing an unrivalled selection of more than 18,000 top quality products in a format that's easy to read and simple to search.
  • Midi - The Midi Catalogue is a flexible alternative for businesses that want a short range catalogue of fast moving brands - with a choice of list, net, and multi pricing that makes it ideal for selling to large national contracts.
  • 5 Star - The 5 Star Catalogue is the solution for resellers who want to offer genuine value for money on a wide range of everyday products - combined with the instant recognition of the UK's leading own label brand.
  • Interiors - The Interiors Catalogue presents our extensive range of seating and desking in a format that helps the customers to visualise the furniture in situ and decide which range will fit their aesthetic requirements.
  • Workplace Solutions - Every business needs supplies to keep the business running smoothly and safely behind the scenes. With a more comprehensive product range than ever before, the Workplace Solutions Catalogue is aimed at helping dealers target buyers of these products for their business who typically are not responsible for the purchase of Office Supplies.
  • Business Machines & Technology - The Business Machines & Technology Catalogue is aimed at helping dealers target the buyer of technology product within a business, as often this is someone different from the purchaser of office supplies. This publication is a fantastic tool for market expansion and will help dealers build business in new markets and new categories.

We also produce marketing mailer publications: Oifig Inniu- Star Buys - Furniture Deal - Workplacce mailer - Business Machines A3.  For more information please refer to our 2012 Marketing Presenter.

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