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The Complete Package

Spicers offer the complete package of e-commerce services for it's reseller customers and is a leader in innovative e-commerce solutions, you can choose from one or more of the following services and have just one single point of contact for all your e-commerce operations.

Among our industry leading e-commerce solutions are:

OSCARnet - An interactive electronic catalogue and ordering system, used by over 1400 resellers across Europe, OSCARnet gives consumers access to over 20,000 SKUs, offering them easy and intelligent searching with constantly updated information on new products, full management reporting, and secure transaction processing. Over 200,000 consumers across Europe now use OSCARnet, making in the UK alone over ten million pounds worth of purchases per month. For resellers, OSCARnet can dramatically reduce the cost of servicing a consumer account. It provides full integration with existing business systems, automated ordering to reduce errors and returns, simple real-time account maintenance - and a look and feel that can be fully customised to your brand.

click-n-print (NEW for 2009) - Spicers' personalised print on demand flyer and multi page service - providing resellers with either a high quality downloadable PDF file for local printing, or cost-effective print runs in any quantity, delivered to you within five days.

Spicers now have an exclusive web-based email marketing service, enabling resellers to create and send bespoke eshots in a matter of minutes.

To find out more, please visit www.click-n-print.co.uk    

SPICERlinkWeb - The reseller's interface between customer and wholesaler. It receives orders electronically from OSCARnet, enabling the dealer to send orders and receive a confirmation from their local depot, collect their invoices/credits and send a remittance advise, and check stock by browsing and searching the full Spicers catalogue. Once installed on your computer, SPICERlinkWeb will automatically update products, prices and software every time it's opened. It also allows you to search on non-Spicer codes to find a Spicers equivalent product... Search addresses within order entry and the administrator... Export data for integration with other business systems... Choose the type of prices displayed in the navigator...And even limit the display to environmentally friendly products only.

Spicers Specials - Using OSCARnet's processing engine to provide a specials shop service available only to resellers. This links direct to specialist manufacturers of unusual products and materials not included in the standard catalogue.

Spicervision - Spicervision is an online customer portal to gain easy access to 'Account' specific information. The site incorporates the following: Quick Stock Query, Back Order, Returns, Price File Downloads, Parcel Tracking Service. For more information, please contact our systems support team on 0844 2380000 or email css@spicers.net